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Resume Submission Terms and Conditions Agreement

I hereby claim that the above information is as accurate and as truthful as possible. I understand this information will be used by the vessel owner and the Buck's Harbor Marina staff in order to evaluate my qualification for chartering vessels managed by Buck's Harbor Marina. I hereby claim that I believe myself to be qualified to operate the boat I am seeking to charter through Buck's Harbor Marina.

I recognize that operating both sail and power yachts may be hazardous and I accept responsibility for my own actions and decisions in chartering and operating a boat through Buck's Harbor Marina. I also hereby agree to indemnify and release Buck's Harbor Marina and the vessel owners from any and all liability for damages, including personal injury to myself or others, as well as damage to the boat, and any other damage arising in connection with my operation of a vessel chartered by me through Buck's Harbor Marina.

Buck's Harbor Marina reserves the right to refuse any charter request, terminate any charter agreement, or place limits upon any charter for any reason.