Driving Directions


44-20- 22N

68- 44- 08W

684 Coastal Road, South Brooksville, Maine 04617

Maine Turnpike to Augusta, ME followed by Route 3 to Belfast, Maine.

Take Route1 out of Belfast heading across the bridge towards Ellsworth, ME. After passing over new bridge at town of Bucksport, turn right again continuing on Route 1. After several miles, depart Route 1, turning right on to Route 15 to Blue Hill, Maine. Route 15 will come to a ‘T’ in downtown Blue Hill. Turn right on to continuation of Route 15 in direction of Deer Isle and Stonington, Maine. Route 15 will eventually come to another ‘T’ in road and join with Route 176. Make a left at the T on to the continuation of Route 15 & Route 175. As you near the town of Brooksville Turn Right as Route 175 leaves Route 15 (There will be a public utility local transfer station on your left as you make the right turn to continue on Route 175). Route 176 will join Route 175 (entering from Right). Continue until you come down a sharp hill and curve and you will reach small village of S. Brooksville. On your left you will see a sign and parking area for Bucks Harbor Marine. (207)326-8839.

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By Sea


44-20- 22N

68- 44- 08W

Harbor is at the head of the Eggemoggin Reach in the town of South Brooksville.

Looking for a nautical chart?

From Approaches to Penobscot Bay (NOAA Chart 13302) Set northeasterly course across Penobscot Bay heading towards the Eastern shore just below the Town of Castine and the head of the Eggemoggin

Reach. At Red/White Buoy ‘ER’ and keeping Cape Rosier to Port set a straight course from ER to Red/White Buoy EG. (See NOAA Chart 13309). This course will keep you well clear of the series of red and green markers in the area north of Pumpkin Point Light.

At Bell Buoy EG you will be within sight of Buck’s Harbor. Steer course 037 degrees Magnetic.

Generally it is better to enter the harbor using the Eastern Entrance, keeping Harbor Island to Port (both entrances have deep water but the Eastern is more convenient). As you enter the harbor proper you will see the two distinctive white, round fuel tanks on the Bucks Harbor Marine dock (northern shore). Call the office for a mooring assignment or permission to come to the dock. We operate 7 days a week and constantly monitor VHF channels 9, 10, and 16. There is good water 12-35 feet deep all the way to the dock with a 18-25 foot depth alongside.

(Caution. Stay well clear of the Hazard Marker cone in the center of the harbor, left of the channel. It marks a small shallow granite ledge which is the only obstruction in the harbor.)

By Air

Bangor International Airport is a large airport served by commercial carriers. The airport is large enough to also serve as a base for National Guard tanker aircraft and is fully served by large commercial jet aircraft in all weathers. Bangor Airport is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from our dock and we can arrange for taxi pickup and delivery. The Portland (ME) airport is almost 4 hours away, so Bangor is preferable.

Trenton (Mt. Desert/Acadia area) Airport is an airport for private aircraft including jets and some commercial commuter airlines. Should you be flying in to Trenton we can also arrange taxi pickup & delivery. Guests requiring pickup should be sure to give us the tail number of their aircraft.

The Eggemoggin Reach and Bucks Harbor are easily accessible to seaplanes.